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1. 專屬臺中的一天幸福儀式 One Day In Taichung - Rituals of Happiness

將台中代表物件融入在體驗「過程」中,ex. 取餐過程、點餐過程、打開飯盒過程、進食過程、收拾過程…然而儀式感的出現並非刻意或是制定的規則,很多時候都是「當下的突發狀況」、「隨機性的」,甚至是所謂的「看心情」。



This experience hopes to express that rituals do not appear because of certain deliberate actions or fixed rules, more often than not they occur because of an unexpected situation at that particular moment, a random incident, or even just because you felt like it. Maybe there was a rare sunset, a small shop you discovered by mistake, or a surprise birthday party...
This exhibition focuses on the presentation of “randomness” and incorporates randomness into the entire experience. The experience visitors will enjoy that day is random and uncertain, as it is delivered through capsule toy machines, lot drawings, and psychological tests; and each experience has a corresponding ritual for the visitor.
Elements that represent Taichung are featured throughout the experience as visitors walk through different stores. Get a random capsule from the machine and it will give you a one-day itinerary for Taichung, tell you which type of coffee or tea to enjoy and what you should have for lunch.

策展人|留白計畫 魏安澤 The “Leave It Blank” Project