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5. 幸福台中儀式感選品店 Taichung’s Rituals of Happiness Gift Shop

真實地理解自己的需要, 讓恆久日常的好物, 融入生活的節奏裡, 每一天,理所當然,有滋有味。
A continuous ritual is a style.
Someone wakes up at 7:23 sharp every day because 723 is their special number. Another person drinks warm water with lemon slices every morning. Before going out, she sprays a little fragrance on her right cuff, because she likes to send out the fragrance to the other party as she waves.
These “rituals” are my lifestyle.
One home, one existence. A most intimate connection with me, a style cultivating center.
Truly understand your own needs and introduce classic things into the rhythm of your daily life, and every day, quite certainly, will have its unique taste.

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