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4. 一年12個月儀式感策展 Rituals of Happiness for the Four Seasons

感受台中一年四季豐盛的文化體驗,經由插畫轉譯,描繪出其實透過日常生活中的一些小小變化,就可以讓每一天都不一樣,讓每天的心情做點小改變,例如、春日賞花 點上不同的香氛、 夏日送自己禮物獨處時光獨自登山(自然步道)、秋日爵士 聽喜愛的音樂(爵士音樂節)、冬日泡湯賞楓儀式路線等,透過以上概念,傳遞出儀式感是一個寵愛自己與自己對話的時間,透過本次展品,傳遞出一個很簡單的小動作,就可以讓心情愉悅。

Come experience the different cultural events in Taichung throughout the year. This installation uses illustrations to display the rituals of happiness in Taichung, where small objects in daily life can have tiny effects on your mood. For example, appreciating the flowers and tea at picnics in spring; sea breezes, greenery, and a taste of Taichung’s unique nalta jute for the summer; in autumn there is the annual Jazz Festival which you can enjoy on the lawn, and the fragrant scent of winter when a trip to the hot springs can give yourself a moment of solitude. All of these experiences express that rituals are special moments to treat and converse with yourself.

策展人|藝術創作者 周依 visuals - CHOU YI