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2. 臺中解憂設計鋪 Taichung’s Shop of Designs for Relaxing

今年臺中解憂設計舖以「晴天城市衣帽間 」為概念,打造了一間具體驗與舒適的陳列試衣空間;設計媒合與匯集了各品牌,希望藉由「衣、住、行」可購置的商品,為生活與心情帶來新的搭配與改變。
其中,包含3組台中品牌跨域媒合:台中藺品牌溪泉&視覺插畫印花設計工作室Sybil-ho的海洋印花巾藺草帽系列;捷安特&插畫藝術家CHOU YI周依的彩繪城市自行車;大振豐洋傘&插畫家染渲森森的彩繪陽傘。3組穿搭衣飾與生活品牌:海豚鳥、Kou Jewellery、本質創作室。
希望進入「晴天城市衣帽間 」的民眾短暫駐足體驗後,能對周遭原有的生活與心情,產生一點點新的想像與變化。

What daily life objects would you choose to go with a pleasant mood?
The concept of this shop is “Sunny City Dressing Room” and presents a relaxing dressing room with displays for visitors to experience. Visitors are encouraged to try on new looks and changes for their daily lives and moods through garments, home living items, and transportation gadgets.
The shop presents three local brand collaboration collections: ocean-print kerchief and rush grass hat collection by rush grass brand Si Cyuan and visual illustration prints design studio Sybil-ho, painted city bikes by Giant & Illustrator CHOU YI, and painted parasols by TCF Umbrella and illustrator Janhsuans. There are also three clothing, accessories, and lifestyle brands: birphin, Kou Jewellery, and Essence Design&Craft.
We hope that after a brief stop in the Sunny City Dressing Room, visitors will discover that their original lives and moods can be inspired and affected by their surroundings.


策展人|本質創作室 設計師 劉開平 Liu Kai-Ping