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A. 習慣的目錄 A Catalog of Habits

I wanted to collect and share everyone’s daily life for this installation. As we grow older and accumulate experiences, we gain different perspectives and habits toward many things. If we look back in human history, we can find a lot of individual or community rituals, and the transition from habit to ritual often leads to stability and happiness.
“A Catalog of Habits” presents pieces of specimens in the shape of a doorway. The numerous colorful pieces in the interior were created by the teachers and students from Hecuo Elementary School and TuNiou Elementary School in Taichung. I invited the young residents with the most imagination to share their rituals and daily life habits by paiting those specimens. The exterior is created by the sustainable brand ECOJOY. The pieces of recycled materials are from items found in our daily lives: home appliance casings, bottles and cans, and capsule toy shells. These things that we are very familiar with are now remade as an art installation.
As visitors walk through the door, they interact with and learn about the locals’ daily life habits and rituals.

策展人|本質創作室 設計師 劉開平 Liu Kai-Ping