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E. 通往幸福的花路 The Blossom Path to Happiness



Flowers in a city can often make travelers pause during their trips. The flowers, whisper the resident’s life stories in this emotional city.
Taiwan Cherry, the city flower of Taichung, blossoms throughout low-altitude areas in Taiwan in the end of winter and the beginning of spring. While a single cherry tree is striking already, a forest is magnificent. After ten day blooming, the bright pink is like the candles and fireworks at a wedding and forms a pinky and romantic and path of happiness.
Bamboo material artist Lin Ching-Ke weaved these Taiwan Cherry blossoms with their bell-shaped calyx tubes. In front of the smiling blossoms you may shake off your gloominess and walk on with a strong heart full of inner light. 

策展人竹工藝藝術家 林靖格 Lin Ching-Ke