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D. Home sweet home

在你的故事裡,童話般的鳥窩是主要的舞台。畫面從窩內的3顆蛋展開,母鳥孵蛋不分晝夜寒暑。為了覓食,來回穿梭,餵養雛鳥。雛鳥日漸長大,羽翼豐滿,終於到了離巢的時刻……。鏡頭從鳥窩內緩緩的向外移動,越過母鳥的背影,朝天空遠去,此時背景音樂響起了Van Morrison的〈Sweet Thing〉。也許有一天,幼鳥變為成鳥,飛累了,還會循著原路,回到這座童話般的鳥窩。

The story begins like this: a few years ago, you are wandering around Taichung’s Old Town Area, and suddenly something drops down in front of you. You walk up to take a look and are surprised to find that it’s a bird’s nest made with dry mud and hay. Immediately you look up and see nothing inside,of course.
“The fledglings have left their nests…” you think quietly to yourself. The empty nest happens to fall in front of you at this time, as if the God of Inspiration had sent you an unfinished story that maybe you could complete.
This fairytale-like bird’s nest is the main stage in your story. There are three eggs in the nest, on which the mother bird sits day and night. The parents fly back and forth to feed the little ones. The nestlings gradually grow up. And finally, it's time to leave the nest... The camera slowly moves out from the nest, over the back of the mother bird, and away to the sky as Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing” plays in the background. Maybe one day, the tired grown birds will come back to this fairytale bird nest.

策展人藝術家 彭譯毅 Peng I-I